Sing From Home

Our musical director Jordan has written a few song for upper voices during lockdown, which you can sing at home. These are uploaded for free, and he insists are very much first drafts!

Thursday 16th April – The Aim Was Song – Full Score

This setting of the Robert Frost Poem ‘The Aim Was Song’ is designed with a simple melody, but quite elaborate piano part. The melody repeats in each verse, with slight variation, reflecting the development of song in the poem.

Thursday 2nd April – Twankydillo – Full Score

Twankydillo is a traditional folk song which has roots back to the early nineteenth century.  The refrain ‘Twankydillo’ is connected with the onomatopoeic twanging of stringed instruments, which appears in a number of folk-songs. I’ve arranged the song with increased complexity in each verse. Verse 2 has an obstinate, Verse 3 presents the song as a round, and Verse 4 has the full 3-part combination of these techniques. The piano part has been arranged simply to play at home.

Thursday 26th March – Boredom – Full Score

This is a fully original song, where I wrote both words and lyrics. This was written in week one of isolation, where I imagined myself as a child being surrounded by a copious amount of activities and yet finding myself at a loose end. The piano is playful and includes games such as a contrary-motion chromatic scale which uses the full keyboard. It is written for a single voice line, but the increasing speed at the end will make saying all the words a fun challenge!